Dogs in Miami

Crazy Tails Grooming Salon

The Grooming salon division of our company is young, but in our 15 years of service we have continued to grow and improve every day.  Our Company is very unique in the grooming industry because we combine the best aspects of a small family business with the structure and safety of big corporations.  While we retain all of the family values of a small business we do have serious company policies that have allowed us to improve and consistently provide excellent service to all of our clients.

We train all of our stylists and pet assistants from the ground up. Our styles are unique and we prefer to create our own certified pet stylists. We leave our stylists to be creative and encourage them to grow and improve their own personal style within the proper guidelines. In our salon we have selected only the best products and offer only the best services that we have tested to ensure are 100% effective and produce the desired result.

Our customers are very important to us and so are their pets. We guarantee the safety of your pet when they are in our facility both physically and emotionally.   In addition customer service is our top priority and we believe that each case is unique and deserves both time and attention to make sure that at the end of the day everyone is happy.  Our reward for a job well done is a smiling face from the customer and a wagging tail from the dogs.

Crazy Tails Grooming Salon “Gently grooming a lifetime friend”